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The Best Meat Kits and Prepared Meals available in Canada

The best meat kits and prepared meals available in Canada compared and reviewed. Find the meal plan that serves you the best.
Meal Kits in Canada
A short introduction and history

Mealkits in Canada have grown to become a popular service in Canada when it comes to ordering food. The pioneer Chefsplate started in 2014 in Toronto. Back then, meal kits were very new to Canada and most people were not familiar with the idea of ordering pre-cut meal kit recipes online and get them delivered to your doorstep. The doorstep was still somewhat frowned upon but soon with the creative marketing of ChefsPlate they grew to become more and more popular. Then in 2016 HelloFresh entered the market. HelloFresh originated in Germany. They expanded quickly though other Europen counties and made the move to open up in Canada since the concept of mealkits were a proven receipe of success to them. In 2018 HelloFresh purchased ChefsPlate, who gained a big market share in Toronto and other parts of Ontario. Gaining access to the market data of ChefsPlate allowed HelloFresh to have detailed look into the Canadian marketplace and helped them tremendously in serving the Canadian market even better.

Around the same time that HelloFresh was expanding market share in Canada, GoodFoods was working hard on gaining their piece of the pie. GoodFoods originated in Quebec and was the market leader in Montreal and most other parts of Quebec. After gaining this momentum they expanded to the other provinces and were at some point the time the market leader in Toronto and most other parts of Ontario and the rest of Canada. They are still in the top 3 of Canada’s most popular meal kit services.

Our Top 6 Meal Kits Choices

Up to 20 free meals

Very Good9.9
We Recommend

Meals from just $2.99 per serving


Up to 20 free meals

Very Good9.7

Up to 20 free meals

Very Good9.7

Meals from just $2.99 per serving


Up to 20 free meals

Very Good9.7
Prepared Meals

Prepared meals have been around for some time as well in Canada. One of the fist prepared meal delivery services in Canada is WeCook. Founded by two entrepreneurs from Quebec in 2012, they put their heads together and wanted to create a healthy, convenient and local meal delivery service but without the hassle of cooking. Prepared meals have the convenience that all you have to do is to heat them up. Depending on the service this can be done by oven, microwave or pan fry.

Soon after companies like LiveFitFood started, with a more focus on the health industry. Our best rated prepared meal service is Power Kitchen. Founded in Toronto, Power Kitchen tailors the meal to the individual’s needs in order to best achieve health and fitness goals.

Another popular one is Factor Meals, Canada’s most rapid growing prepared meal kit. Aside from the companies who specialize in meal kits or prepared meals we also noticed that some online grocers like Voila offer amazing ready to go meals and have a large assortment to choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This all depends on your personal needs. If you enjoy cooking but want more inspiration for recipes we would recommend a meal kit service like HelloFresh or Chefsplate. If you don’t like cooking but want to eat healthy and just warm up your dinner, we would recommend a prepared meal service like WeCook or Power Kitchen. Please also consider your dietary needs and what diet you prefer eg, carnivore, vegetarian, vegan, keto etc.

HelloFresh was founded in Germany. It does operate in Canada and works with local Canadian chefs and suppliers. HelloFresh Canada delivers to almost all Canadian provinces.

Chefsplate was founded in Toronto by Jamie Shea and Patrick Meyer in Toronto in 2014 and became Canada’s biggest meal kit service. A few years later in 2018 HelloFresh acquired ChefsPlate.

Yes, most meal kits are very healthy. All the services on our site are very conscious about where they source the products from, how the meals are created and make sure the ingredients are as natural as possible. Of course it will vary form person to person what their dietary needs are and what is considered to be healthy.

Yes, meal kits are cost effective since the cost per meal starts from $2.99 a person. Aside from that it they can save you a lot of time from having to shop. Prepared meal kits are even more time-effective since you don’t have to cook at all.

This will vary per recipe but count on anywhere from 10 to 30 min with an average of 20 minutes. Meal kits are designed to make cooking fun and save you all the prep work. So only the fun work is left!

Most meal kits these days use minimal packaging and opt for recyclable or biodegradable materials. It varies per meal kit company what they use for shipping containers and packaging but the industry overall has turned and adapted an eco-friendlier approach over the years. And even better, there is no food wastage because all the ingredients are the perfect amount for the recipes.

All companies deliver within Canada but there might be some restrictions do to the remote areas. It’s always best to double check with the company first before you make a purchase. In most cases all major cities of Canada are cover. However, we live in a big country and some places have shipping times that might be too long to maintain the food temperature controlled.